June 18, 2024

Why the French government will pay to fix the clothes and shoes of the population | Economy

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Why the French government will pay to fix the clothes and shoes of the population |  Economy

Free repair: Why would the French government pay for repairs to the population’s clothes and shoes? – Photo: Sarah Brown/Unsplash

This week, the French government announced the payment of an amount Bonus for residents who want to repair damaged clothes or shoes.

program, which will go into effect in October, It provides for a discount from 6 to 25 euros on repair parts – something between R$30 and R$134, according to this Friday’s price (14).

The announcement was made by the country’s Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Berangiere Couillard, on a visit to a sustainable fashion hub in Paris, Le Monde reports. The expectation is that the discounts will be applied directly to the service bill.

According to a schedule issued by the secretary, part of the division of government-sponsored reforms will be as follows:

  • hole stitching: 7 euros
  • jump change: 7 euros
  • Glue the shoe sole: 8 euros
  • Lining: up to 25 euros.

Bérangère Couillard explained that the services would be funded by a Fund of 154 million euros (about R$ 830 million) It consists of taxes paid by the textile sector. The allocated amount must be valid for the next five years.

And the secretary wrote on her Twitter account: “Financed by the contribution of manufacturers in the sector, this assistance will reduce the cost of your repairs. From October, it will be easier to repair your clothes and shoes than to buy new ones.”

Why will the French government pay for the repairs?

The main goal of the program is Reducing waste in the country. According to Minister Beranger Couillard, the estimate is that 700,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year in France Of this total, about 466,000 tons end up in landfills.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that the Secretary of the Environment invited all sewing workshops and shoemakers in the country to join the project, which will be run by the “Revival” organization.

“The aim is to support those who make reforms,” ​​Couillard said during a visit in Paris. This, he added, would encourage body shops and retailers to provide repair services “in the hope of re-creating jobs”.

The project is part of a broader effort by the French government, launched late last year, to overhaul the textile industry, considered one of the world’s most polluting industries.

In the country, clothing and textile stores must also bring information about the materials used and the country in which the item was produced and manufactured on the labels.

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