March 4, 2024
Will anyone be able to fill in the void left by the actor?

Will anyone be able to fill in the void left by the actor?

After completing exactly one year without Paulo Gustavo, the question still hesitates and remains unanswered

One year after the death of Paulo Gustavothe absence left by the actor is still strong.

Because the gap left in Brazilian humor has yet to be filled. Of all the new talents that have emerged in the genre in recent years, none have been able to hold the same stature and have accumulated the same qualities as the actor who passed away on May 4, 2021.

+ A Year Without Paulo Gustavo: The Mourning of Talise Britas and the Return of Friends

It’s hard not to regret the lack of the show. mom pieceWhich was not specifically registered due to the epidemic. It’s also hard not to think of what a fourth feature film will look like, which will go on to expand Dona Hermenia’s story and take millions of Brazilians to cinema once again. What scraps would he make? What are the limits of talent? Paulo Gustavo?

The questions are constantly repeated. What would come out of the mind of a strong comedian? What characters will he create? What stories can you tell? What absurd situations will he write for his drawings? What types do we hate that would make fun of? A year later, all the questions are still fresh, as well as what will not happen again.

It won’t happen because partnerships are a bit dead, too. With Monica Martelliyour great friend, Susana Garciathe director who developed her film career, Tata Wernick, which ended up sharing less stages than it should. And also Marcus MagellaAnd Herson CapriAndIngrid GuimarĂ£esAnd Samantha Schmutz And Malo Valley.

at the end of 2020, Paulo Gustavo He debuted on TV Globo with his year-end show 220 volts. At the end of the show, he sent a prophetic message that turned out to be his last moment on television.

“This year showed that we cannot live without grace, without a sense of humor. Humor, saves, changes, relieves, heals, brings hope into our lives”announced. “I’m a clown, you laugh, I’m happy here, with a full heart”, Comedy added.

A year after the actor passed away, and after 365 days, our hearts are still empty.