June 13, 2024

Will the FGTS review release a whopping R$10,000 per worker?

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Will the FGTS review release a whopping R$10,000 per worker?

The review of the Work Compensation Fund (FGTS) is a topic that attracts the attention of many workers, after all, it is intended for any and all workers who have been paid to work for at least a period after 1999.

The FGTS review is currently awaiting the decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which will decide whether or not to cash the existing cash correction index into the escrow fund. This is because the indicator used to correct the FGTS balance since 1999 is the reference rate (TR), which, since its application, cannot keep pace with the increase in inflation.

Thus, when the FGTS balance of the worker is subject to monetary correction, the worker begins to lose part of his money, after all, inflation itself has “made” more than the workers’ guarantee fund.

Can workers get at least R$10,000?

After the disclosure of LOIT FGTS startup data, a tool used to help workers calculate the balance they would be entitled to if they entered the audit, as it was clear that the majority of workers who used the tool had a balance close to R$10 thousand to receive, many workers left Doubts as to whether this is how much they will get either.

It is worth noting that this R$10,000 is just an average, that is, there are still workers who may have more to receive, just as there are workers who have very little money to receive, making the review not worth it.

Thus, the first step to finding out whether it is worth joining the review or not is to calculate the values. Remember that the calculation is not so simple, however, there are many tools like FGTS LOIT can help. To do this, simply access your FGTS statement for the duration of the FGTS and check if the credit you will receive to determine if the review is worth it.

But do not forget that there is no such thing as a free lunch, as much as a review may mean high earnings for some workers, and for others, it may unfortunately end up not worthy of a review.

The exchange of the cash correction index for the accounts of the guarantee fund, with the replacement of the TR by the inflation index in the period from 1999 to today, leads to an average profit of about RO 10 thousand per worker.

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