February 28, 2024
Windows 11's first update makes AMD processors worse

Windows 11’s first update makes AMD processors worse

The first release had Ryzen CPU slower by up to 15%

a Microsoft released yesterday (12) the first Cumulative updates windows 11 NS The new patch worsens CPU performance AMD lift L3 cache latency of up to 31.9 ns.

according to Testicles do TechPowerUp, release windows 11 day 05 got worse CPU performance AMD Risen up to 15%, Causing UEFI-CPPC2 Mechanism Which selects the most efficient cores for each process has crashed, Next to L3 cache latency has already been increased from 10ns to 17ns.

Credits: TechPowerUp

Microsoft’s upgrade policy for Windows 11 is New updates are released every second Tuesday of every month, but first emergency patches To address AMD CPU performance issues are Scheduled next week. According to AMD aa, Microsoft is already working on system updates that It should solve the L3 cache latency and UEFI-CPPC2 issue. that greatly affect operations single core Like most games, for example.

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Credits: Reddit

First update Arrives next Tuesday (19), and must be resolved latency problem, while the Patch for UEFI-CPPC2 reach to Thursday (21). As AMD reported that Customers can request updates in advance, but most likely he was referring to him Companies with large or significant contracts As health and safety services operando Threadripper ou EPYC CPUs, Not for home users with AMD processors.

Microsoft released yesterday (12) the first Windows 11 cumulative updates

Other AMD System Users It will receive updates through the same Windows 11 update channel And as usual, they should be notified of an important system update.

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NS Windows 10 will continue to receive official support from Microsoft until October 2025, and unless users build systems with the following processors Intel Core Alder Lake-S, which should work best with Windows 11 Since the system is better optimized for CPUs with mixed cores, there are not many reasons for that early adopter.

Who has already upgraded to Windows 11 You can, through the update system itself, click on Advanced Settings > Recovery to do Back to Windows 10 Wait until most of the initial issues are resolved before finally adopting the new system. who made Clean install of Windows 11 or already clear cache from previous versions You will need to make one New installation of Windows 10.


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