June 24, 2024

With a mostly booked team, Botafogo improved in the second half and won MADUREIRA

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With a mostly booked team, Botafogo improved in the second half and won MADUREIRA

the Botafogo He used a working reserve team and, in a preseason cadence, got up in the second half and lost Madurera By 2-0 on Thursday night (26/1), at Estádio Luso-Brasileiro, for the fourth round of Carioca Championship. Gabriel Peirce And Gustavo Sawyer The goals were scored by Glorioso, who added his second victory in two matches with the starting team.

With a clearly heavy and disjointed squad, even due to the few days of pre-season, Botafogo made the first of many mistakes, but could open the scoring at the start. Just nine minutes later, Glorioso made a good move down the right, crossed from Piazon, Luis Henrique controlled the chest area, but ended up kicking the defence.

After that, Madureira had a few minutes of pressure and goalkeeper Douglas Borges had to work it out. First in a side free kick by Rafinha that would go in the corner. Then, with a low finish by Pablo Pardal into the corner.

In addition to the poor technical level, the match was worse due to the many mistakes made by referee Alex Gomez Stefano. Botafogo managed to score up front and not let Madureira get the ball too long, but they kept making many mistakes when setting up plays and didn’t need action from goalkeeper Dida.

Botafogo scored the goal at the beginning of the second half dead ball. In the 10th minute, Lucas Piazón took a free kick and Gabriel Pires put his head on the ball and made it 1-0. He was nearly drawn by an error from Douglas Borges – Benguela, who was free on the second stick, ended up defenseless.

With more space, Botafogo continued to create chances. In the 21st minute, Carlos Alberto Dida forced a good save. Then, Mateus Nascimento received and kicked a free kick from Biazon, but Oliveira shot it over the line. In the end, Gabriel Pires put the score down, and Gustavo Sawyer played low, to close the account: Botafogo 2-0.

Botafogo next matches

Botafogo will return to the field next Sunday in its first classic match in the Carioca Championship, against Fluminense, at 6:00 pm, in Maracanã, for the fifth round. Next, they will host Nova Iguaçu, next Wednesday (1), at 7 pm, at Estádio Luso-Brasileiro.

data sheet
Botafogo 2 x 0 Madureira

stadium: Luso Brazilian
date and time: 01/26/2023 – 7:30 PM
Rule: Alex Gomez Stefano (RJ)
Assistants: Luiz Claudio Regazzoni (RJ) and Gustavo Mota Correa (RJ)
Income and audience: R$ 74,052.00 / 2,249 payments / 2636 gifts
Yellow cards: Mauricio and Guilherme Ferreira (MAD)
Red cards:
Objectives: Gabriel Pires 10′ / T2 (1-0) and Gustavo Sauer 42 min / T2 (2-0)

Botafogo: Douglas Borges Raphael, Adrillson, Segovia and Hugo (Marsal 26 min/t2); Danilo Barbosa, Marlon Freitas (Patrick Di Paula 20min/2ºT) and Gabriel Pires; Lucas Biazon (Gustavo Suer 34 min / T2), Mateus Nascimento (Tequinho Soares 26 min / T2) and Luis Henrique (Carlos Alberto 20 min / T2) – Coach: Luis Castro.

Mature: Dida. Rouen (Oliveira 21 min / 2ºT), Mauricio, Cavallini and Guilherme Ferreira; Panguili, Pablo Pardal (Marcelino – time-lapse) and Rafinha (Thiaguinho 38’/T2); Mateus Lira, Guilherme Augusto (Henrique 21’/T2) and Gustavo (Bruno Cozende 13’/T2) – Coach: Philippe Arantes.

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