June 23, 2024

With eight injured, Ceni is sincere about Sao Paulo vs Palmeiras: “We have no one to come back” | Sao Paulo

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With eight injured, Ceni is sincere about Sao Paulo vs Palmeiras: "We have no one to come back" |  Sao Paulo

a Sao Paulo He is scheduled to face Palmeiras, next Monday, at 20:00, in the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship, with eight absent. All of them have some injury. In the fifth, against Palmeiras too, but in the last 16 of the Copa del Rey, history can repeat itself.

After the defeat to Botafogo, Thursday, at the Ingenhao Stadium, coach Rogerio Ceni was honest in admitting that he does not count on the return of any player. The options available to you in Rio de Janeiro will be the same as for the classic ones.

– It’s a difficult game. We will try to get the players back, but we have no one to go back. Allison, Sarah, Nicao, Colorado, Caillou are not coming back. We have a lot of players outside the team and no hope of coming back. What we have is this here and we will try to recover to compete – said Rogerio Ceni.

The list of medical departments only grew. at present:

  • Gabriel Sarah (surgery on the right ankle);
  • Nikon (left ankle pain);
  • Thales Costa (right ankle sprain);
  • Alison (twisting of the right knee);
  • Moreira (sprain of the left ankle);
  • Andres Colorado (injury to the right rectus femoris muscle);
  • Gaius (injury to the cruciate ligament of the right knee);
  • Luan (Continued to Left Adductor Injury).

Rogerio Ceni leads Sao Paulo training – Photo: Rubens Cherry / www.saopaulofc.net

Against Botafogo, on Thursday, Tricolor went to Rio de Janeiro with these problems. Ceni, even, had difficulties in bringing related to the showdown. 21 of the athletes present were present.

Ceni did not mention at the press conference that the defeat against Rio de Janeiro was related to the absence. However, the factor alarmed the club. Last weekend, for example, there were two new victims: Luanne and Andres Colorado.

As for the match against Palmeiras, the coach hopes to bring back the players who went to Rio on Thursday to be able to compete in the best way with the opponent. Three colors must have at least three training sessions until game day.

“We can’t get away from it here. In Sul-Americana we can travel with one team and leave the other for training. Today we travel with 21 players off the field and the others are injured. The material we have today is to try to get it back to play against Palmeiras,” he said.

Luan, from Sao Paulo, cries on a stretcher after being substituted – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Despite the full medical section, the Sao Paulo He celebrated the fact that he practically eliminated muscle injuries. Of the eight athletes in Revis, only Andres Colorado addresses the muscle problem. The rest is taken out by blowing or twisting.

Last year, the club had many physical problems and suffered a significant drop in income after winning the Campeonato Paulista. The team even fought against relegation in Brazil.

With a gain of 18 points, Tricolor dropped to third place in the Brazilian Championship. The distance to the leader Palmeiras is now seven points.

"Departure worthy of the dead"Gaius protests |  crowd sound

‘Departure worthy of all souls’ day’, Caillou protests | crowd sound

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