June 13, 2024

With no table space, Evaristo Costa was fired from CNN Brasil TV News

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With no table space, Evaristo Costa was fired from CNN Brasil TV News

Evaristo Costa, the documentary presenter of the original series, has been fired from CNN Brazil. The news channel, Friday (3), reported the journalist’s disconnection and said that the current season of attraction will end. NS Low ratings format record It was “hidden” in the channel’s weekly network.

“With strategic decision and programming, the original CNN series is ending its season. As a result of these changes, the contract with presenter Evaristo Costa will be terminated. The journalist, so far, with his talent, professionalism and charisma has contributed to building the success of CNN Brasil,” the channel’s crew informed in a statement sent to the press.

. sources the news She stated that CNN management decided to terminate the contract due to Costa’s high salary and the poor results achieved by his program recorded in London, where the journalist lives.

One of the best names CNN has hired, Costa stayed in the “refrigerator” for two monthsAfter opening the news channel. When it finally launched, the original series was introduced as one of the Sunday attractions, but it didn’t get good reviews.

In greater Sao Paulo, it was GloboNews achieved an advantage of up to 320% During the confrontation with the original series. Those numbers brought the allure to Thursday nights, following CNN’s lead with William Wack and Carol Nogueira.

Felipe Ciani and Fernando Nakagawa will top the schedule Departed by Evaristo from September 16, with CNN Brasil Business. The new attraction will be an online magazine about business and innovation.

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