February 29, 2024
With six confirmed cases of dengue fever, Tramandi uses a drone to locate a mosquito outbreak

With six confirmed cases of dengue fever, Tramandi uses a drone to locate a mosquito outbreak

Photo: Tramandi City Council / Publicity.

A drone operation began in Tramandi this week to combat an outbreak of dengue fever. According to the city of Tramandi, the drone will fly over areas of the municipality in an effort to identify potential outbreaks of mosquitoes that cause the disease.

Tramandi’s health monitoring confirmed six cases and two cases were verified by complementary checks from the Central State Laboratory (Lacen). The other four have been confirmed in other labs, with another case under investigation.

“It’s a job that depends on each one of us. We will be doing this sweep in Tramandi using the drone, but it is essential that residents do their yard maintenance, checking flower pots, gutters, swimming pools, places where It collects water.”

According to Ilha, if the team discovers any accommodation is in an illegal situation in connection with dengue care, the property owner will be notified. If the owner does not take any action, a fine of R$2,000 is applied.

“In recent weeks, we have been in the Tramandi neighborhoods, with teams in vacancies, homes with swimming pools and other points that can breed mosquito larvae. The Acting Mayor, Flavio Corso, stressed that I would like to congratulate the professionals at the Ministry of Health for their dedication as well as to the residents together. In this fight against dengue mosquito.

Traditional dengue has symptoms such as an immediate rise in temperature, with temperatures above 38.5°C, severe headache, and pain in the eyes and muscles of the whole body. In half of cases, red spots appear on the body on the fourth day of infection. Chills, nausea, and vomiting are also common symptoms.

If symptoms appear, the county asks the patient to contact Health Surveillance WhatsApp at (51) 99527-0253, or search for the nearest health unit.