March 2, 2024
With the exclusion, Barcelona repeats the failure after 24 years

With the exclusion, Barcelona repeats the failure after 24 years

Without even entering the field, the Barcelona has already been eliminated Give Champions League One tour in advance. In this way, the Catalan club repeats a sad series after 24 years.

with the Inter Milan 4-0 victory over Viktoria PlzenNo result is more important for Barcelona in the match against Bayern Munich. This is because Collet will not overtake the Italian team in the table for having suffered the worst in head-to-head matches – the first tiebreaker.

Xavi Hernandez’s men are third in Group C. With this, the Spaniards leave the Champions League in the group stage for the second time in a row – in the last Champions League they were also third – which did not happen. In the club since 1998

In the 1997/98 edition, Barcelona took the last place in the group, sharing it with Newcastle (3), PSV Eindhoven (2) and Dynamo Kyiv (1). The following season, he placed third with Manchester United (Second Champion onwards) and Bayern Munich (First) in the qualifiers.

To try not to repeat the failure of last season, this year Barcelona received strong reinforcements, such as Rafinha and Lewandowski. Despite this, the Catalans – who were unlucky to fall into the “group of death”, with Bayern, Inter and Viktoria Plzen – are repeating their poor performance and will have to settle in the Europa League.