July 14, 2024

WL! Microsoft may be testing Android app support on Xbox

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WL!  Microsoft may be testing Android app support on Xbox
WL!  Microsoft may be testing Android app support on Xbox

Android apps on Xbox? It seems so!

It looks like Microsoft is testing support for Android apps on Xbox. At least that’s what The new official Microsoft app found in the Microsoft Store.

The app, which cannot be installed yet, promises to run Android apps on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, that includes games Like Call of Duty: Mobile e social networks Like TikTok. Unfortunately, the app still has no specific release date and no testing for insiders. paying off:


Who discovered this site? Eurogamer, who found the new app page in the Microsoft Store. Remember that new Windows 11 It will be able to run Android apps locally as well software Xbox is Depending on the version of WindowsSo, it is very likely that this feature will be launched on Xbox soon.

Although it can already be “purchased”, the application cannot be installed, ie We can’t play it on PC and Xbox. Additionally, Microsoft requires that no screenshots of the new app be disclosed, even with the installation blocked.

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