March 4, 2024
Woman complains that her tattoo on her back 'grabs the attention' of men - Metro World News Brasil

Woman complains that her tattoo on her back ‘grabs the attention’ of men – Metro World News Brasil

A woman decided to share her feelings for an older person tattoo on your back. By participating in a TikToker video, she revealed that this is her biggest regret.

According to the posting made by womanthe woman, who was enjoying a beach in Australia, told her stand when she appeared in Paul Sterratino’s TikToker video.

In the recording he shared, respondents were asked about their biggest regrets.

After being questioned, she quickly answered: “Tattooed on my back.” Intrigued and thinking it was one of those weird tattoo mistakes, Paul allowed her to reveal the design and she was surprised.

The tattoo that was considered the biggest regret is actually a pattern that mixes point and flower detailing. The design covers the shoulder area and almost follows the woman’s waist.

Cause of regret

Trying to understand the reasons why the woman regretted her tattoo, since the design was not done in a “dirty” way, Paul asked her:

Did you get any unexpected attention because of this tattoo? She immediately replied, “Yes, I would say it does attract unwanted attention, it’s like a magnet for curiosity.”

The video quickly gained a large number of views and subsequently received many comments, many of them critical of the woman.

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“You kidding? A tattooed woman is the ‘worst of women’ and attracts the attention of very few men,” commented one person who couldn’t believe the women’s regrets about the design.

Another photographer added: “Most women look much better without tattoos.”

On the other hand, some attentive followers are confused because the woman claims not to like the attention generated by tattoos, but she wears clothes that show the design on her back.