April 13, 2024
Worlds 2021: LoL world confirmed in Europe

Worlds 2021: LoL world confirmed in Europe

The Riot Control Organization confirmed Tuesday (24) that worlds 2021 It will not happen in China as planned, but in Europe. the information have already given 1 day ago Upcomer website in North America.

The 2021 worlds championship will be in Europe

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John Needham, Riot’s global sports leader, commented that Worlds 2020 was the hardest thing they’ve ever done due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they predicted that by 2021 the situation would be much better because of vaccines, up to the point. It can be held in China the way they want it.

Unfortunately this was not the case. With the Delta variant, travel and safety protocols are more complex than they were in 2020. We have reached the point where it is extremely difficult to ensure that qualified Worlds 2021 teams and players can travel this year. That is why we decided to move the 2021 World Cup stadium from China to Europe.

John also stressed that Riot will always value the competitive integrity of its events, and that a World Cup that could be without some teams or incomplete squads would be hit hard.

The teams and players have invested a lot of time and effort to be able to compete for the 2021 World Cup, and we have a great responsibility to spare no effort to give them this opportunity. […] After considering all the options, we saw that moving the World Cup stadium to Europe would give the best chances for the best teams and players to compete.

The Riot esports captain highlighted that Riot can’t yet decide where the tournament will be located, but the ability for the largest number of teams and players to reach the respective location is a critical factor in the selection.

He also apologized to the Chinese fans, but asked for an understanding of the situation and stressed that the decision would make “LPL teams can play against the best teams in the world”.

More details about worlds 2021 It will be revealed in the coming weeks. The tournament does not have a start date for the tournament yet, but the final was scheduled to take place on November 6. see list secret teams for a world League of Legends So far.

2019 worlds in Europe
The last worlds to be held in Europe was in 2019, when FPX won the championship. (Photo: Disclosure / Riot)