June 25, 2024

Worst Cities in the US for Allergy Sufferers on the Rise

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Worst Cities in the US for Allergy Sufferers on the Rise

As the early spring season arrives, allergy sufferers are bracing themselves for what experts predict to be a particularly difficult time. With changes in climate leading to longer and earlier allergy seasons, the 80 million people in North America who suffer from seasonal allergies are in for a tough few months.

According to reports, pollen seasons in North America are now 20 days longer than they were in 1990. The South, Southeast, and parts of the Midwest have the highest pollen counts in the nation, making it even more challenging for allergy sufferers in those regions.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recently released a list of the worst cities for seasonal allergies, with Wichita, Kansas taking the number one spot. Climate Central also analyzed data and found that allergy seasons have grown longer in 83% of locations due to the changing climate.

One major factor contributing to the increase in pollen production is higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This boost in pollen can trigger an overreaction in the immune system, leading to common allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. For those with asthma, exposure to pollen can also worsen their symptoms.

In the first week of April, cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Dallas had the highest counts of pollen, making them challenging places for allergy sufferers to live. Additionally, cities like Virginia Beach, Greenville, and Oklahoma City are among the worst for seasonal allergies.

Some cities have seen a significant lengthening of their allergy seasons since 1970, including Reno, Nevada, and Las Cruces, New Mexico. With the combination of early spring and increased pollen levels, allergy sufferers across the country are advised to take precautions and consult with healthcare professionals for the best ways to manage their symptoms during this challenging season.

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