February 28, 2024

Xanddy denies rumors of a fight with her daughter over alleged dating: ‘Our family’s rule has always been love’ | Bahia

Xanddy talks about an alleged fight with his daughter and denies the case

Singer Xanddy Harmonia published a video clip on the social network, this Tuesday (13), to deny rumors of a quarrel with his daughter Camille Victoria, due to her alleged relationship with another woman. The artist, from Bahia, stated in the post that she does not quarrel with her daughter and that she will support any decision she makes. [Veja o vídeo acima]

“The foundation of our family has always been love and respect above all else, so I will never have any problems with my daughter or son because of any of their choices,” he said.

The artist’s video was published minutes after his daughter issued a statement on the same social network. Camille said in the text that she felt disrespected for discussing her sexuality online and for reading false news about her family.

Xanddy and her daughter, Camille Victoria – Image: Reproduction / Social Networks

On the other hand, Xanddy mentioned that the posts on this topic are “Irresponsible, unimportant and a liar”. According to him, Camille and Victor Alexandre, as a result of his marriage to dancer Carla Perez, are free to make their own choices.

“Our children are free, and they are even adults, and whatever choice they make, we are here to support them and we love them. I think that’s what the world needs, love,” he said.

Zandi also said that after the topic went viral, he received many insults on his social networks. He urged followers to send love letters to his family and to be more careful what they read online.

He concluded, “Be careful what you read on the internet, because it ‘gets true’ that people are coming to my profile to offend me. They have even confused the subject with religion.”

The text was published on the profiles of Camille Victoria and Carla Perez – Image: social networks

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