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Xiaomi apologizes after removing users who helped with MIUI tests

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Xiaomi apologizes after removing users who helped with MIUI tests

Update (08/18/2021) – PM

As we said before, Xiaomi has angered many of its fans due to the expulsion of some members – Including long-time participants – From the internal testing program of the proprietary interface MIUI.

They discovered that they had been disconnected from the software with the release of the Xiaomi Community 3.0 app, which brought a new interface and a dedicated page for the development team.

As a result, the Chinese way of dealing with internal tests has changed – Users started gaining weekly quests that had to be completed within a specific deadline.

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Among them, for example, sending suggestions and comments, among others, and if the tester does not participate, he will be dismissed from the program.

The first removal of participants began on Monday (17) at 0:00, when several testers received notice of their expulsion from the testing program.

The news soon followed many complaints and uprisings, after all, some senior members of the community were among those who lost their right to access the MIUI test suites.

Yesterday an executive at Xiaomi Posted on Weibo Apology – According to the post, the company has received feedback from several people in different channels, and that the issue is under discussion with the MIUI team.

They are currently discussing a solution to the problem and believe that a satisfactory answer will be provided soon. In the free translation, we can read something like:

We have received feedback through various channels, sorry Xiaomi caused problems, I conveyed the main concerns to the Xiaomi community and the MIUI team. They are currently arguing and I think they will give a reasonable answer.

Original Article (08/17/2021)

Xiaomi causes outrage after ‘ignoring’ users who helped with MIUI tests

this week Some Mi fans were very upset When they learned that they were, for no reason, “expelled” from MIUI’s internal test suite in China, even after they had completed all weekly project tasks.

The statement was made on Monday (16) surprising everyone, informing them that they had not completed their assignments and were therefore disqualified.

The testers who, by the way, collaborated for free to improve the MIUI experience, were very annoyed, for good reason, especially because they did not receive a good reason to kick them out.

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Some collaborators have been involved in projects for years and are suddenly left out – All the rebellion and complaints, though, haven’t even released an official statement from the brand.

Speaking of MIUI, the company publicly apologize With its users having had problems using the latest stable version, 12.5.

Recently, Xiaomi has made official new products, such as Mi MIX 4 and Mi Pad 5 and 5 Pro, as well as the enhanced version of MIUI 12.5 (improved version), which is supposed to arrive in the first books on August 27.

MIUI 13 development will require a lot of work

With so many issues and no improvement in MIUI 12, Xiaomi will have a lot of work to do in developing the next version of its interface. So maybe it wasn’t a good idea to kick out those who helped improve performance in the current version of MIUI.

The fact is that many complain that the Chinese stopped giving too much importance to MIUI and ended up “uninstalling” the interface, which was previously more optimized.

Xiaomi cannot forget that software also plays an important role in the public’s interest in hardware. We will monitor the next steps of the Chinese giants and hope that they learn from their mistakes and appreciate those who actively contribute to their growth.

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