February 28, 2024

YouTube launches a ‘miracle’ button that downloads up to 200 songs simultaneously

YouTube Music users enjoy a range of benefits, such as access to a wide variety of songs, music videos, and personalized playlists, as well as enjoy unique features. Now, they will have another interesting feature to enjoy as you wish. Look at this news!

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Earlier this year, Google announced a novelty that allows you to download the last 200 listened songs by pressing one button. See how this works throughout the text.

Introduced in January, the feature has been gradually implemented and has only now reached all users. The new job is available at flow of music for subscribers only. The resource coexists with Smart Downloads, which stores songs that the user is interested in listening to offline.

YouTube users will be able to download a large playlist

If enabled, the feature will allow you to download the last 200 songs played on your mobile device, which is quite a lot of tracks. In addition, with the co-activation of Smart downloadsYou can have nearly 750 songs automatically downloaded to your mobile phone.

It should be noted that this is not entirely new to the market, as it is common for streaming applications to cache the latest songs a user hears to ensure a satisfactory experience during times when connections fluctuate. Anyway, there is no way to guarantee that the latest songs will be saved, since the Offline mode It may prevent these tracks from being played.

It is important to be careful when storing

An important point to highlight is to be careful in the matter of the internal storage of the cell phone, since moving in the opposite direction to smart downloads, the new function does not provide a prediction of the space that will be occupied in the device’s memory and still does not allow to control the amount of songs that will be automatically downloaded on the smartphone.