June 24, 2024

Zee Ramalho vetoes the opening of a local artist on his show

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Zé Ramalho was embroiled in controversy after a show in Santos, in partnership with Zeca Baleiro, on April 30. The singer had vetoed the introduction of J. Fernandez, a local hit artist on Santos Night, who would open the event.

According to Fórum Magazine, during the afternoon before the show, one of the event’s producers informed Gê that he was no longer able to perform. According to him, Zee Ramalho said he would not be a “ladder” to anyone.


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Additionally, Ramalho was not comfortable with the TV time given to Gê in a report by TV Tribuna, Globo announcer in Baixada Santista and Vale do Ribeira. The show was already scheduled for two months.

“The show ran for two months with three teams, I’m Zy Ramalho and Zika Ballero. We trained a lot, got ready, and on Saturday, the day of the show, we had one last rehearsal in the afternoon, and when it was time to go to the club, I called Ricardo’s outfitthe local producer, and asked if I could go to the club to play the sound,” J. said. That’s when he got the news that he won’t perform anymore.

“(Ze Ricardo) told me he had a problem with production and with Ramalho’s costume. Ji said, who added:

In addition, they also complained about the fact that I appeared on TV a lot. And that was really, really, because I’m from the city. I was surprised and thought: “Hello, who am I in front of Zi Ramalho? I am a fan of Zi Ramalho, I sing your songs, I admire your work“.

Gê was keen to point out that the problem arose with Zé Ramalho, with Zeca Baleiro mentioning his band during the same report. The singer even tried to get Ji and his musicians to play after him, but after the position of Ramalho’s costume, the singer from Santos did not go to the event.

“I was so upset, I didn’t even go to the show, the band members went, but I didn’t. They told me Zika couldn’t do anything. He wanted to put us into play after him, as a way to make up for him, but I wasn’t there. He couldn’t mediate Anything, but he treated the band members very well and was surprised by what happened,” he said.

In the posted comments, many netizens criticized Zee very harshly. “Who are you going to open the show for? Because nowadays you need stairs,” one of the artist’s followers joked. Another said: “The stars are fading, what a disappointment!”

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