February 26, 2024
10 unexplained science riddles

10 unexplained science riddles

Science, by definition, is ambiguous. But there are more mysteries than others. Discover some of the topics that make thousands of scientists from all over the world sleepless.

1. The extinction of megafaunaThe elephant has always been the largest land animal in the world, but it hasn’t always been this way. Several centuries ago, animals such as mammoths roamed the planet, until they inexplicably disappeared. The two main theories place climate change or hunting as the main cause of its extinction, but there is no indisputable evidence for either.

2. Extraterrestrial lifeMost scientists say that it is almost impossible for us Earthlings to be the only intelligent beings in the world. And the reader, what do you think of that?

3- Dark matter and dark energyDark matter occupies 80% of the mass of the universe, but we still don’t know what it is. Dark energy is still a hypothetical form of energy that will make up 70% of the universe, but scientists still aren’t sure what it does.

4. Animal migrationWe regard the migration of animals as natural, which is absolutely ideal. But scientists understand only part of this work. They do not know, for example, how the monarch butterfly travels 2,400 kilometers once a year, despite the fact that its life expectancy is only two months. If we can speak in other animals of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, this is certainly not the case.

5. Matter and its antimatter– After the creation of the universe, there was much more matter than antimatter, which is the opposite, and scientists still have not found a good argument to justify it.

6. Continental Drift– At first there was a great continent, Pangea, until the Earth, after millions and millions of years, acquired this designation. But scientists still can’t figure out how this whole process worked or how it worked – or what is actually happening to our planet.

7- The end of the universeScientists believe that the universe was created by the Big Bang, but they do not know how and when it will end.

8. SleepWhy don’t some animals need to sleep? And why do we need it? If our bodies need to recover, why don’t the bodies of some animals do?

9. Speed ​​of lightUntil recently it was believed that the speed of light was considered the global speed limit, but modern theories have questioned this.

10. GravityThe gravity puzzle is modern and is caused by the fall of an apple on Isaac Newton’s head. And it remains.