June 24, 2024

14 diseases speeding up the release of the benefits of INSS

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14 diseases speeding up the release of the benefits of INSS

a INSS (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social) is the government agency responsible for social security benefits, such as annuities and death benefits. In the vast majority of cases, the insured who is interested in receiving benefits must have Minimum grace period 12 month subscription.

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This means that this citizen must have had Social Security for at least one year before submitting the application. However, there are some Diseases that eliminate this condition For both the beneficiary and the dependent.

Attorney Átila Abela, who specializes in social security law, states that the party involved “needs the quality of the insured”. This condition belongs to the citizen affiliated with INSS Who pays the monthly payments or is within the grace period.

The grace period is the period during which the insured retains all his rights to social security, even without making new contributions.

14 diseases that eliminate the need for the institute

To receive the exemption, the health condition considered serious must have arisen after the worker became a member of the INSS. It can be present as a result of an accident of any kind, including a work-related accident.

See the list of diseases that exempt the insured from fulfilling the grace period:

  1. active tuberculosis
  2. leprosy
  3. mental alienation
  4. Cancer (malignant tumor)
  5. blindness
  6. Irreversible and disabling paralysis
  7. severe heart disease
  8. Parkinson’s disease
  9. ankylosing spondylitis
  10. acute nephropathy
  11. Advanced stage of Paget’s disease (deforming osteitis)
  12. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  13. Radioactive contamination, based on completion of specialized medicine
  14. severe liver disease

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