June 13, 2024

The hardest online brain puzzle is waiting for you

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The hardest online brain puzzle is waiting for you

You are Logic Challenges Great sources of entertainment, although some may be upset by the difficulty of some of the tests. A good mental puzzle is usually one that includes numbers and math. Thinking about it, we separate an excellent option for you to train your brain.

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Tricky brain puzzle! Try to solve it now

First, it is important to note that mental puzzle is a great exercise for the brain, as it activates logical thinking and awakens many functions of the central nervous system.

This happens in the face of difficulty in finding the correct answer. Your being uses all the knowledge it has learned throughout life to try to solve the puzzle. However, it is often necessary to take advantage of tips and even comments on problems.

Check out one of the hardest puzzles to do that has gone viral on the internet lately.

Test your skills with this brain teaser

All you have to do is look at a number sequence and guess which number it will go on. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Then try to solve the problem:

Sequence: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211…

Question: What is the next number?

Check the answer to the challenge:

attention! Before reading the answer, try to kill the puzzle without any help, as there is a logic behind the sequence. You just need to know the mechanism that makes each number appear on the line.

However, if you have already given up trying to solve the mental puzzle, know that the correct answer is 13112221.

According to the explanation given by the text accompanying the riddle, the reason is as follows:

“The number the sequence continues with is 13112221. As we can guess, the number arises as a result of the previous numbers. So starting from 1, the next sequence will be “11”. This sequence, then, is always followed by the number “21” and so on.

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