February 28, 2024

4 apps that bring real profits to the user

many Applications This promise of fantastic rewards to users turns out to be a huge deception. But there are some platforms that really give real money, either to refer friends or to accomplish certain suggested tasks.

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The financial returns are very attractive in some cases. Discover four apps to download and start earning money on your mobile phone.

1 – PicPay

a financial technology Grants a credit of R$10 to the digital wallet for each new referred user who completes a purchase with Credit card registered on the platform. The invitation is sent via the share link. The company also offers promotions with cashback up to 10% and the ability to pay vouchers using the card.

2 – Google Opinion Rewards

It is also possible to earn money using the Google app, which is created for users to answer surveys. Topics include the company’s own projects. For Android users, the money is transferred to credits in the Google Plays Store. Anyone with iOS can transfer values ​​via PayPal, but the service is not available for Brazil.

3 H 4 – Tik Tok E Kwai

Short video sharing platforms are also an excellent opportunity to generate additional money. Companies offer rewards for those who refer new users and even for watching videos for a predetermined time.