February 20, 2024

4 reasons to believe that Bea Haddad will continue to shine on the ring

Roland Garros is over, and along with the clay slams, a lot of the noise that came from outside the tennis bubble with Beatrice Haddad Maya has also disappeared. However, those who follow tennis know that the 27-year-old’s campaign from Sao Paulo in the French capital has nothing to do with chance or exaggerated doses of luck, and it’s very likely that we’ll be watching her struggle for big goals. things again in the future. Want to know why? Just take a look…

1. Consistency

Piya did not start from scratch to reach the semi-finals of Roland Garros. She was No. 14 in the world when the tournament began, and it’s important to explain something especially to less serious fans of the sport. In tennis, the ranking summarizes points gained over a 52-week period. Maya’s blacksmith soon had enough consistency to be among the best in the world. During this period, she was champion in two tournaments in the 250 series (Nottingham and Eastbourne, both on grass) and runner-up in the WTA 1000 (Toronto). Roland Garros was “only” the result that attracted the most attention in that period. There is no reason to imagine that Pia will not continue to achieve results consistent with the results she has already achieved.

2. Evolution

Pia isn’t so young anymore, but her rise to the elite in the sport has been delayed by multiple injuries, four surgeries, and a doping ban. Now, at 27, he still has room for improvement. And more: the Brazilian has the best possible technician for this. Rafael Paciarone, 36, from São Paulo, is hardworking, methodical, and shows inexhaustible energy to make his athletes grow. “We have to feel uncomfortable every day,” he said in an interview with Saque e Voleio in April. The partnership has worked out very well and, judging by the rhetoric of both, the desire to move forward is still great.

3. Feet on the floor

In addition to being a great athlete, Pia is a good person. The kind who greets everyone and doesn’t think he’s superior to anyone. He knows where he lives and is aware of the country’s problems and privileges (read clause 3 of this text for more on this). Therefore, he is not the type of athlete who is stunned by a big campaign or a large cash prize (he earned 630 thousand euros at Roland Garros). For all that is known about her, the most likely scenario is for Bea to follow her own path with her feet on the ground, without letting herself be carried away by distractions and with ambition for greater things.

4. The ups and downs of Roland Garros

Reaching the semifinals was an unprecedented achievement for Pia, but we must remember that the Brazilian did not play her best tennis throughout the entire tournament. If he was adept at winning tough matches and getting out of complicated situations, Pia also had moments of instability. In the second stage, he gained a set and break advantage, but lost the second partial. In the third round, he squandered a 4/1 lead, with two runs ahead, into the decider. In the round of 16, he won the first set 5/2, but lost 7/6 and let his opponent open 3/0 in the next part.

What does all this mean? Even with the ups and downs, Bea manages to go far in Paris. So, you can imagine what the Brazilian can do in really inspiring weeks. There are many reasons for optimism.