July 22, 2024

5 Thrilling Movies to Watch on NETFLIX

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Netflix filmes
Netflix filmes

In recent years, Netflix has shown potential Movies erotic and series hot. Thanks to the success of 365 DNI and a few others, the platform has managed to get many viewers excited.

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The platform is full of plans to launch projects with this theme in 2022. Inappropriate was the first of its kind, long promises hot scenes and will make fans excited. Based on this, we have developed a list of 5 good films of this genre. paying off!

5 Thrilling Movies to Watch on NETFLIX

“365 days (2020)”
Massimo Torricelli (Michel Morrone), takes over and becomes the boss of the Sicilian Mafia, shortly after his father’s murder. Laura Bell (Anna Maria Cicluca) is a sales manager at a luxury hotel. She has a very successful career, but her private life lacks passion. Laura takes the last steps to save their relationship, and takes a trip to Sicily with her partner and friends. Laura doesn’t expect Massimo to kidnap her, keep her captive and give her one year… to fall in love with him. “365 dni” is the first Movie Erotic Polish is available on Netflix.

“The Boy Next Door (2015)”
Noah (Ryan Guzman), a young man who moves in next door, newly estranged teacher Claire Peterson (no more than Jennifer Lopez) forms a friendship with the boy and the two engage in harmless courtship, or so she imagined. Although Noah spends most of his time with his friend, Claire’s son, the teen’s attraction to her is visible to the viewer. One night, Claire gives in to the temptation and lets Noah tempt her, but when she decides to end the relationship, it turns violent.

“Indecent Proposal (1993)”
David (Woody Harrelson) and Diana Murphy (Demi Moore) are a married couple with a bright future. David is a talented architect. Diana is a first class real estate agent. But when a recession hits, your money collapses. In a last-ditch effort to save their dream home, they head to Las Vegas to earn home money in games. The two lose everything and a mysterious billionaire (Robert Redford) offers the solution to their problems: a million dollars – if he can sleep with Diana. Will the proposal be accepted?

“Infidelity (2002)”
When Edward (Richard Gere) innocently discovers that his wife Connie (Diane Lane) lied to him about an affair, suspicions lead him to reveal devastating details of her betrayal of a Frenchman. Upset by discovering betrayal, he confronts his lover and ends up discovering a level of rage and anger within him that he could never have imagined.

“The Pleasure Cure (1977)”
The newlyweds Joseph and Maria cannot get along. Maria seeks help from a specialist (Dr. Balthazar), but ends up with an eccentric sex therapist. With this discovery, Joseph is shocked and goes to the therapist asking him to stay away from Maria. However, Joseph eventually gave up and made himself available to learn the teachings of “Dr. Balthazar.” Amazing is the secret behind Maria’s actions.


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