May 31, 2023

6 plants that are easy to grow and make great tea

Many people like to take it tea It is spent on bags and sacks with ready-to-eat herbs. However, no one imagined that these plants could be so useful. Some may surprise us. So, find out, below, six Plants that turn into tea It can be grown at home. That’s right, at your home!

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What are the tea plants that can be grown at home?

They are easy-to-find herbs to plant. And then, we’ll show you what they are and how to keep them beautiful, healthy, and ready for tea at home.

1. Mint

It is used not only for tea, but also for juices and for flavoring food. Mint can be grown in small vases, with two waterings per day and in a place with plenty of light. Just don’t let mint mix with other plants because it clutters and stunts their growth;

2. Lemongrass

The pleasant smelling plant is very easy to grow. Fits both in vases – small or large – and in potholes. It must be watered once a day and exposed to the sun;


3. Chamomile

Another plant with an amazing aroma and unique beauty, which acts as a relaxant, chamomile should be watered twice a day. It is a plant that likes soil that is moist, but not soggy. So leave it in half light.


4. Lemon

Calming and a great analgesic, lemongrass requires the same care as chamomile. It likes moist soil that does not soak and needs light, but controlled. Its soft and long leaves can be used to make natural incense;


5. Rosemary

Of the antioxidant properties, rosemary acts as a flavoring for tea and food. Just plant it in light, easy-draining soil. And, of course, it needs a lot of sunlight for its leaves to look beautiful;


6. Basil

Because rosemary makes a good blend in tea and as a spice. Basil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. It needs daily watering and plenty of sun exposure to become lush!