July 14, 2024

7-week average gasoline price hike – News

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7-week average gasoline price hike - News
7-week average gasoline price hike - News

The average price of regular gasoline in Brazil has risen for 7 consecutive weeks, according to data released weekly by the National Agency for Petroleum, Biofuels and Natural Gas (ANP).

In the week of July 18-24, the average price of gasoline in the country was R$5,833. Then, in the week of July 25-31, it fell to R$5,822. Since then, the value has gone up until it reached the last published average: 6.076 BRL, between the 12th and 18th of this month.

See below the weekly average of gasoline in Brazil, according to a survey by the National Ports Agency:

From 25 to 31 July: 5,822 BRL
From 1 to 7 August: 5.853 BRL
From August 8 to 14: 5,866 BRL
– From August 15 to 21: 5,955 Brazilian Real
– From August 22 to 28: 5,982 Brazilian Real
From August 29 to September 4: 6,007 BRL
From September 5 to 11: 6059 BRL
– From September 12 to 18: 6,076 Brazilian Real

Since it started increasing without a break, regular gasoline in Brazil has averaged 4.26% in 7 weeks.

The value has exceeded R$7 at some stations since the end of August. In addition, the average price of gasoline in three states is more than 7 US dollars, as in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Acre.

The cost of filling the tank is 80 BRL

This means that in the week of September 12-18, fill out a file 50 liter tank Its cost, on average, is R$303.80. In the last days of 2020, with an average cost of gasoline at R$ 4,483, the value would be R$ 224.15. The difference is R$79.65. The increase in the gasoline tank from the end of 2020 to the mentioned week was 35.53% on average. The value is much higher than cumulative inflation in this period.

Measured by the IPCA (Broad Consumer Price Index), of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, the overall price increase from January to August was 5.67%.

Therefore, the increase in the value of gasoline is equivalent to nearly 7 times the general increase in prices that demanded from the Central Bank successive increases in the base interest rate Selic, which is 5.25% annually.

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