January 27, 2023
Brazil exceeds 590,000 deaths per COVID-19

Brazil exceeds 590,000 deaths per COVID-19

Burial of a COVID-19 victim at the Villa Formosa cemetery in Sao Paulo (SP) 03/23/2021 REUTERS/Amanda Perubelli

Photo: Reuters

The daily moving average of deaths from the new coronavirus in Brazil was at 565 Saturday (18). The value takes into account fluctuations in death records for the past seven days and removes distortions between the midweek high and the weekend number low.

According to the Media Federation, formed by Estadão, st 1And O Globo, Extra, Folha and UOL registered in the last 24 hours 125,053 new cases NS 803 deaths The second survey in association with state health departments. 590,547 Brazilians have been killed by the disease since the beginning of the epidemic. The surge in new infections on Saturday is due, in large part, to Bridging data in several states.

The balance of the Ministry of Health, in turn, indicates 150,106 new cases of infection and 935 additional deaths from the Covid-19 virus during the past 24 hours. In total, according to the folder, there are 21,230,325 infected and 590,508 deaths. The numbers differ from those collected by the Media Consortium primarily due to the time of data collection.


The Balance of Deaths and Cases is the result of a partnership between the six media outlets that, since June 8, 2020, have been working in a collaborative way to collect the necessary information in 26 states and the Federal District. In an unprecedented way, the initiative was a response to the Bolsonaro government’s decision to restrict access to data related to the pandemic and was preserved even after government records were kept.