June 24, 2024

A bill to stabilize gasoline prices with the approval of the Senate Committee

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A bill to stabilize gasoline prices with the approval of the Senate Committee

On Tuesday (12/07), Bill 1.472/2021 was approved by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) and should be put into plenary. Originally authored by Senator Ruggiero Carvalho (PT-SE), the text adopted has been replaced by Senator Jean-Paul Prates (PT-RN) and seeks to create a program that excites The stability of the price of oil and its derivatives.

One of the project’s goals is to ensure that the effects of the international market on the price of a barrel of oil are not too great for the pockets of Brazilians. With the project approved, it is expected that the value of fuel in the country will not increase as much as it has in recent months.

For Senator Jean Paul, the project will be one of the tools the government will have to contain rising rates of fuel price hikes. In general, the project proposes to establish minimum and maximum export tax rates. Under the proposal, these rates will be reduced until the barrel price reaches $45 and the maximum rate should be 20%.

In this proposal, the Minimum rate of 2.5% and maximum of 7.5%, It should only apply to the price of crude oil when the value of a barrel is greater than, equal to or less than $85 a barrel. When the value exceeds $100 per barrel, the project expects a rate of at least 12.5% ​​and a maximum of 20% without all amounts being charged.

In this way, it will be up to the government to develop prices in a way that can put limits on the variance in the value of the fuel. Thus, the frequency of readjustments and compensation mechanisms will be determined in advance.

In the original project, it was foreseen to create a price range context through the creation of a stabilization fund. From the alternative, the installer was created, which reduces price volatility in the domestic market.

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