January 17, 2022
Why is meat still expensive in Brazil even with low exports

Why is meat still expensive in Brazil even with low exports

  • Camila Ferras Mota – cavmota
  • From BBC News Brazil in Sao Paulo

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The effect of China’s ban has not significantly lowered the retail price of beef

In September, China stopped importing meat from Brazil. The country announced a ban on Brazilian exports after two cases of BSE were identified at abattoirs in Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso.

The effect was immediate. In October, beef shipments were down 43% compared to the same month in 2020. As the ban continued – despite the World Organization for Animal Health claiming cases were atypical and spontaneous and, therefore, not posing a risk to the production chain – it was repeated. situation in november.

According to figures brought by the Brazilian Association of Refrigerators (Abrafrigo), exports of fresh and processed beef have decreased by 47% by volume, compared to November last year. The data was compiled from information provided by the Foreign Trade Secretariat, which is linked to the Ministry of Economy.

With sales to China likely to decline in the short term, so did the volume of animals slaughtered. With the decrease in demand, the price of live cattle fell in October, as the price of the Arabs was set at 255 Brazilian reais, which is about 60 Brazilian reais less compared to the beginning of September, according to the index sepia.