March 1, 2024

A Brazilian artist turns The Incredibles characters into real people and the result is truly amazing

created by Pixar Animation Studios and distribute it Pictures of Walt DisneyThe Incredibles animated film premiered in the United States on November 5, 2004.

It was written by director Brad Bird, known for productions like “The Simpsons” and “Family Dog.” He asked his team at Pixar to innovate, using all of their creativity to create something cool involving superheroes.

What was a character’s vision turned into reality, resulting in one of the most beloved animations of all time. During the production of the film, many innovative techniques were used, such as previewing the sets before creating the scenes. This way, the team can better imagine how everything will be done.

In the plot, the superhero Mr. Incredible lives a quiet life with his family after the government banned the use of superpowers. He lives an ordinary home life, and misses his glory days as a hero.

After an old enemy strikes again, the Incredible has a chance to return, and enlists the help of his entire family to defeat him.

Brazilian artist Hydroly Diaw He used his photo-editing skills, along with artificial intelligence, to transform some of the movie’s characters into real people.

Helena, Roberto and Villa won stunning realistic versions created by the artist, who retained all of their major physical features.