June 13, 2024

JN’s announcer position at Globo Challenge ended in resignation

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JN’s announcer position at Globo Challenge ended in resignation

Globo’s announcer broke the station’s rules and ended up getting screwed

A mention in the national press, prof Earth He is a veteran of Brazilian television and the leader of 24-hour programming, with Jornal Nacional being the peak audience of the station in Rio de Janeiro.

Chico Pinheiro He was one of the biggest names in journalism on the channel and had worked for Globo for over 30 years, but he suffered an unfortunate audio leak, and had to deal with the consequences.

Globo journalist, who occasionally participated in the Jornal Nacional, his path has been marked with Good morning, Brazil. Where was the anchor next to Ana Paula Araujo which is currently hosting the morning news on its own.

A little over 5 years ago, Chico Pinheiro spoke at the conclusion of Jorón Nacional about Samba Day and, by making casual comments about religion, ended up falling out with the program team.

The presenter’s speech sparked a revolution in the high dome of the Rio de Janeiro Canal, when he tampered with Candomblé’s religious identity.

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Another controversy

Soon after, the broadcaster became embroiled in another controversy, when he showed grief upon reporting the arrest of the sitting president. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), in 2018. In addition to the stifled tone in his voice, he did not hesitate to hide his preference.

It should be noted that Globo has a strict rule regarding personal appearances by its team of journalists on social networks, and most of them try to be very careful when it comes to their personal lives.

The day after the politician’s arrest, an audio clip of Chico Pinheiro defending the incumbent president and criticizing the arrest was leaked in a WhatsApp group.

At the time, he was not dismissed from Globo as his contract had recently been renewed, but he was never destined to anchor Jornal Nacional again.

Already in 2022, after more than 3 decades on the channel, he left the station and drive Good morning, Brazil. The journalist stated that he would take a leave of absence after his departure.

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