February 26, 2024

a Brazilian journalist reports on a “desperate night” in Qatar; watching video

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photo: clone/instagram

Correspondent Domitella Becker is in Qatar covering the World Cup

A Brazilian journalist covering the World Cup matches in Qatar reported on women’s tense moments in the Iran-US match. Excited, Domitilla Becker spoke of her anguish at witnessing, intimidating, persecuting and even assaulting Iranian women after trying to talk to them about issues in the Arab country – which bans women from going to stadiums.

On his social networks, Baker began: “I joined the crowd to try to talk to the women, to see how they were cheering, what the situation was like in Iran and whether any of them were still protesting because the conflicts were getting worse.” When she tried to approach, the journalist said she herself was harassed and intimidated by several people who were in the crowd.

“They started chasing me, wherever I went, they followed me. They started taking pictures of me, the people I was talking to and my badge. The women didn’t want to talk to me and one of them handed me the phone and said, ‘They were being watched,'” he said.

She spoke to a man who was in the stadium and also protested, with a passive hand sign during the Iranian anthem, but she preferred not to be identified.

He explained to her that there is government control over what is said and condemned by women in Qatar.

A man puts a negative sign on a studio
photo: clone/instagram

A man raises a negative banner in the stadium, while the Iranian anthem is playing, in protest against the repression

to have control and oppression About Iranian fans and possible protests, insiders monitor situations deemed “suspicious”.

Attacking women in the studio

Becker, who joined his photos with those of another reporter, said the women were attacked after the match, and one of them appeared, according to the Brazilian journalist, with a bloodied face.

“What a desperate night,” he wrote. We can’t mix football with politics.” Say it to the face of a woman who can’t stop shaking after being cornered and assaulted by a group of “fans,” he wrote.

“Tell that to the parent who can’t hold back tears when explaining how their children aged between 6 and 9 were threatened inside the stadium. Tell me if you can find an Iranian fan who isn’t afraid of being killed,” he added.

FIFA itself has announced sanctions for possible political manifestations and has been criticized for inconsistency, as it indicates respect for diversity.

The call to “focus on football” before the start of the World Cup

some issues made public by fans were not left aside by activists.

Protest over the death of a banned Iranian in Wales v Iran

Masha’s death protests

Iranians, for example, Protesting the death of 22-year-old Masha🇧🇷 A wave of protests has swept the country since her death while in the custody of the morality police in Tehran, the country’s capital.

The young woman was to be arrested after violating the rules for wearing the hijab, the typical Islamic scarf that covers a woman’s head.

With a banner reading “Women’s Freedom Lives,” a couple attempted to protest during the match between Wales and Iran. However, they are soon approached by security guards who object to the demonstration.