February 27, 2024
"The Weight Gain That Braz Promised";  Neymar's partner enters the sights of Flamengo in the World Cup

“The Weight Gain That Braz Promised”; Neymar’s partner enters the sights of Flamengo in the World Cup


Flamengo’s board of directors is monitoring the market for reinforcements for the 2023 Club World Cup

Neymar's partner enters Fla's milestones at the World Cup
🇧🇷 Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIFNeymar’s partner enters Fla’s milestones at the World Cup

already focused on clubs World Cup At the beginning of next season, the board of directors Flamingo Active in the football market looking for reinforcements. Focusing on the upcoming transfer window, top nigger rubro He seeks a heavyweight signing with international prestige. One name that has gained traction behind the scenes is the attacking midfielder Philippe CoutinhoFrom Aston Villa.

At the age of thirty, and without graceful opportunities in English clubThe player has become one of the targets of a dome lovable Looking forward to next season. According to the information received from the portal FLA columnThe team’s goal is to sign the player through the loan.

However, Aston Villa You may end up making negotiation difficult, as you only intend to make a deal once and for all. It is worth noting that the portal also revealed that, in future dealThe English club aims to obtain the value of the interested club stipulated in a maximum of two installments. Philippe Coutinho He has a contract with Aston Villa until June 2026.

It should be noted that the attacking midfielder is one of the coach’s trusted players Tetebut they ended up not going to World Cup in Qatar due to an injury that occurred on the eve of the competition. The player was bought by the British club for 20 million eurosabout R$ 109 million at current prices, to Barcelona to stay with him permanently.