December 9, 2022
A Fazenda 2022 - Vote: Who voted for whom in the seventh section of the edition

A Fazenda 2022 – Vote: Who voted for whom in the seventh section of the edition

Another week blazing in the hay in Itapecerica da Serra. And on Tuesday evening, I swear the seventh.”farm The 2022 draw has begun” (RecordTV) and he already has a confirmed name: Iran Malfitano. Pia Miranda, Dylan Bezerra and Lucas Santos will still have a chance to escape.

So, you have to win the farmer’s test on Wednesday night. The two losers go to the side of the actor in the popular controversy.

There was nothing missing in the hot seat formation. TEve signal farmeropen voting —- With replicas and replyDeborah Albuquerque force distributionsomeone is pulled from the booth and instead of He remains the fearsome, lucky dynamic.

Pele recommended Pia Miranda to the countryside: “I’m going to nominate someone I know will put me on the first chance. I don’t have any kind of friendship here at home, this has already been cemented here at home. Without further ado, vote for Bea,” the rapper justified.

He himself said these days that his game here is fake, and he was already expecting this vote and I accepted it. He doesn’t have much to say about me and that’s it. Pia Miranda

The Farm 2022: Pele recommends Pea’s visit to the countryside

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Who voted for whom?

by 7 votes, relying on the double vote made by Pappe thanks to the power of the flame, Deolane Bezerra was the most voted in the house. Therefore, the lawyer took the second seat in the hot seat.

With the power of the torch, Deborah had to cancel two votes, her choice being Deolane and Petal. With that said, Kerline only had 3 votes left.

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Farm 2022: Dylan Bezerra in the seventh farm

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pull booth

Deolane, the most-voted at home, pulled Iran’s Malfitano from the bay to the countryside. A lucky dynamic put Lucas Santos on the fourth bench.

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