June 23, 2024

A Fazenda: Unbeknownst to him of Marília Mendonça’s death, Bil talks about the singer on a reality show

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A Fazenda: Unbeknownst to him of Marília Mendonça's death, Bil talks about the singer on a reality show
Credit: Instagram Reproduction Montage

Bill and Marilia Mendonca (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

I don’t know anything about what’s going on here because of the confinement rules in “A Fazenda 13”, by Record TV, Tuesday morning (o9), Bill Araujo NS Thiago Picuelo Talk on the reality show about Marilia MendoncaWho died last Friday (5) after a plane crash in Minas Gerais.

Some people were singing the hit song “Ausência”, which was a hit in the country, when Bill, who was once the country’s security guard, wanted to know if Picuelo knew her.

“Do you know Marilia?” Bill asked. “Dude, I wasn’t with her in person yet. Hugo was gone. Hugo was, but not me. She was at my town’s side there, but I didn’t go. I stayed at home, but Hugo left.”

In the sequence, Bell also talks about Murillo Hoff, Mendonca’s ex-boyfriend: “Her husband too, man, her husband, I mean… he’s amazing people!” , said the former BBB. Then Thiago said that he knew Murillo: “I know him. I went to Santa Catarina, on one occasion we stayed at the hotel together and such, ”said the singer.

Bill Araujo concluded by praising the artist: “She’s a ***!”.

Watch the video:

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