June 18, 2024

Christian pursues Lara and makes a fatal mistake; Know any TV news

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Christian pursues Lara and makes a fatal mistake;  Know any TV news

From this Thursday Chapter (11) of place in the sun, Christian (Kawa RaymondHe will exchange identities with his twin brother. The former servant will even marry Renato’s fiancée, Barbara (Allen Moraes), but I can’t stand too far from Lara (Andrea Horta). He will go after her, but will leave traces of his presence in the cafeteria, which will make the chef doubt her sanity in the nine-time soap opera on Globo.

The scenes will be broadcast at the end of next week In the series written by Lecia Manzo. The beginning of the story will be very graceful. Christian You will get married this week and Will be traveling on honeymoon on Saturday (13). He would return from his honeymoon after his guild had already been shaken.

barbaric You’ll find out she’s pregnant, but that’s going to move a lot with the husband you think is Renato. Meanwhile, the audience will see Lara communicate with her ex-boyfriend. ravi, Juan Paiva’s character, will be pressed to give the address of the new chef to the adopted brother.

After resisting being part of the travesty, Ravi would become Christian’s driver. Suspicious of her partner’s behavior, Barbara will go over his things and find a sheet of paper with her competition’s address and phone number. larra He will be surprised by the call of the little girl and will say that he does not know any of Renato Meirelles.

However, the name will trigger a warning in the girl’s head, as she is aware of Christian’s search for his twin brother. The telenovela will take a leap in time in months, as Lara settles on her lover’s death for real. In this, Barbara will give birth, but the baby will not survive.

A devastated Christian will decide to go after the woman he loves, but he will never find her. He will change his mind in a matter of seconds, however, and the chef will be sure that the former partner who is supposed to have died was in a cafeteria. It will be up to her grandmother, nuka (Marita Severo), persuade the girl to take the boy out of her heart so she won’t go crazy.

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will consist of 107 chapters. The whole plot was registered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the chapter summaries of the TV series at 9 AM that the news Posted daily.

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