February 25, 2024
a loanee from Corinthians who was elected November's Player of the Year for his team in Europe;  paying off

a loanee from Corinthians who was elected November’s Player of the Year for his team in Europe; paying off

russian cup champion, Goalkeeper loaned from Corinthians Ivan was elected Zenit’s player of the month for Novemberfrom Russia.

🇧🇷Ivan is the best player in November According to Blue, White and Blue fans! Zenit posted on their social networks – Check below.

In total, the Russian national team has entered the field five times this month, a friendly match, two matches of the Russian Championship and two matches of the Russian Cup. Of these five, the Corinthians loanee played only one match, against Spartak Moscow, in a knockout competition. In others, Mikhail Kerzhakov was the owner.

though, Archer shone in the engagement, After saving two penalties And secure victory for Zenit🇧🇷 Until the game ended in a battle with six thrown out and The former Corinthians player received a six-match suspension as a penalty.

Since arriving in Europe, Ivan has established himself as an immediate backup to Kerzhakov, a team player. There he entered the field four times, all for the Russian Cup. In them, he finished two without conceding a goal.

In addition to the goalkeeper, there are six more Brazilians in the Russian squad. Of these, three have already passed through Parque São Jorge: Cludenho🇧🇷 Owner And the mantuan🇧🇷

Now, Ivan and the rest of the European team are on “vacation” until March 2023, as the Russian championship is paralyzed during the winter, as the country reaches minus 30 degrees and playing football there is useless.

In January, Corinthians appointed Ivan Quaresma It became Cassius’ protégé. However, since he did not have much opportunity, he participated in the negotiations of Yuri Alberto in July. well adapted to Zenit, The goalkeeper even said that he wanted to stay in Russia🇧🇷

Check out the post sent by Zenit congratulating Ivan

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