February 25, 2024
Tite says Neymar is playing against South Korea in the World Cup

Tite says Neymar is playing against South Korea in the World Cup

Straight and straight. with a word. Coach Tite today (4) confirmed that Neymar He will play against South Korea, at Brazilian national team For the round of 16 of the World Cup tomorrow (5).

“yes!” It was the answer to a question about the squad for the No. 10 player, which was originally asked for defender Thiago Silva.

Then, when the question was directly asked to him. Tite explained that the idea is to have Neymar in the starting line-up, if he goes on the field and everything goes well in training this afternoon, which starts at 12:00 (Brasilia time). The technician also said that sideline Danilo was back. On the other hand, left-back Alex Sandro is not playing.

“He’s going to practice this afternoon. He’s going to practice this afternoon, yeah, he’ll be in the game. I don’t like it, I don’t do it and I don’t pass on incorrect information. I want to be credible with you. He’s going to practice this afternoon, and since he’s so good, he’s going to The other ten I did not climb, ”the coach commented, hiding the other junior players for a duel with the Koreans.

Neymar left after Brazil’s first match in the World Cup against Serbia on the 24th of this month, after suffering a ligament injury in his right ankle.🇧🇷 The player returned to training on the field yesterday (3) and was happy and smiling on the field.

“For those who may be unwell, we are making important gains and I’m sure they can add a lot,” said Thiago Silva.

The reference is also valid for right-back Danilo, who also injured his ankle (left), against the Serbs. Danilo was already in a more advanced stage of recovery, unlike Alex Sandro, who did not practice on the court yesterday and, according to Tate himself, was knocked out. And the coach of the national team hinted that the Juventus player, having already played on the left flank, should occupy the sector against the Koreans.

On the subject of Neymar, Tite said that he prefers to choose the best player from the start, without thinking about the possibility of extensions at the end or penalties.

The coach said: “Neymar’s squad assumes health.”

Since the injury, Neymar has been undergoing intensive physiotherapy. Players and staff have said over the days that the player spent 24 hours trying to recover as quickly as possible to get back to work on this cup. At first, a photo posted by the number 10 jersey of a swollen ankle caught attention. Days later, when he was already in the pool, the scenario was already more suitable for him to return to training.

Yesterday, it was the first time that Neymar went onto the pitch from the trolley he took against the Serbs. The injury brought him to tears at the time, but his recovery has given him something to smile about again.

Without Neymar, Brazil beat Switzerland 1-0 and lost to Cameroon by the same score, when they were already seeded. The national team faces South Korea, tomorrow (5), at 4 pm (Brasilia time), at Stadium 974, in Doha, Qatar.