February 26, 2024

A mysterious animal from the Middle East is one of the rare reptiles that arouses the curiosity of scientists

In Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, some residents mentioned a strange animal. This happened in the 30s and until 1967 no one confirmed it. However, a group of scientists managed to make some records and then no one else knew about the species. After 56 years, the reptiles reappeared in the mountainous regions.

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A mysterious animal has been identified as a rat snake

Rat/breeding snake

The East is full of mysteries, but the snake that occasionally appeared has intrigued scientists. The animal drew attention due to its strange characteristics and frightening look.

As a predator, it sometimes goes out to hunt small rodents and even lizards, looking for a hiding place among the rocks. This habit of staying in isolated places may have been stimulated by wars and changes in habitat.

DNA, the mystery and beauty of Elaphe druzei

Of the genus Elaphe Druzei, the rat snake’s DNA was considered to be different from any other cataloged species. Therefore, it is a discovery that will help science find answers related to others reptiles.

The Levantine rat snake has a solid black head, a yellowish body, and black and brown markings. It can reach 6 meters, given that the males are slightly larger than the females, which have a lower average lifespan.

The difficulty of finding the Shami snake is due to its rarity and habit of fleeing when aware of its movements. Despite a pattern of hues, these shades are often different, which leads to variety.

Researchers believe the species is endangered.

Thinking about the rarity of these organisms and the circumstances, in the midst of human intervention, war and potential hunting, leads to a difficult diagnosis. Scientists think they are endangered.

Elaphe Duzei is the first snake of its kind to be identified and this could help spot other animals. While it is inconceivable why she was isolated, experts hope to make more records and study her DNA.