February 27, 2024

An elderly man dies and a body is found only six years later at the residence in the United Kingdom

The death of an elderly man, and the body was found after 6 years in a house in the United Kingdom

The death of an elderly man, and the body was found after 6 years in a house in the United Kingdom

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The body of a 70-year-old retired accountant was found in his apartment just six years after his death. Robert Alton’s remains were found in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, in March this year. information from Watchman.

According to the newspaper, the body of the elderly man was not found until after housing officials were forced to enter for a gas safety check, as indicated by police investigations.

Robert is believed to have died in 2017 at the age of 70, but his death went unnoticed by his landlord, who continued to collect rent automatically through a housing benefit, and the local authorities, who appear to have failed to act on the growing pensioners. Unpaid taxes.

The authorities who found Robert’s body also discovered a pile of unopened mail half a meter high, food with an expiration date from 2017, and a pair of reading glasses placed in TV evidence dated May 4 of that year.

according to WatchmanPolice investigation indicated that there were no suspicious circumstances in the death of the elderly man. β€œOn the basis of the probabilities, Mr. Alton died in May 2017,” said the coroner Peter Siege.

Greater Manchester Police made a public appeal in March asking for help tracing down Alton’s relatives and getting any further information about the elderly man that might help them in their investigation, but so far no family or friends have come forward. the authorities.

The Bolton at Home group, which owns the property where Robert and other homes in the area lived, acknowledged they should have known sooner something was wrong.

The group’s chief executive, Noel Sharp, stated that they “made several attempts to contact Robert over several years to organize gas safety checks. The action we took to understand why we could not contact him was clearly not sufficient.”

“Chances were missed to discover that something might have gone wrong. We should have done more to check Robert’s well-being,” Sharp added.

In the year of the elderly man’s death, he explained, the site’s policy was to automatically limit the gas supply when he could not contact the tenants to check the safety of the equipment. However, the approach changed in July 2022, to allow the pursuit of a court order and to secure entry to homes that require gas tests.

Bolton Council confirmed that Alton had been in arrears since 2017 and a Council spokesperson added: “This is a tragic case that has had a profound impact on the wider Bolton community. We are currently reviewing Mr. Alton to identify potential missed opportunities for action early. Pending the outcome of this review, measures will be implemented appropriate additional measures with a view to preventing similar tragic situations from occurring in the future.”

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