June 24, 2024

A new FGTS withdrawal is now available; Know how to work and who is entitled to it

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A new FGTS withdrawal is now available;  Know how to work and who is entitled to it

workers who They were born in the month of November They can withdraw part of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Service Life), provided that they have adhered to the method birthday loot. Withdrawals are released according to the amount of money in the payee’s account.

Withdrawal has been released During the first week of November. Remember that this method was created by the federal government to ensure annual withdrawals. This way, the worker does not need to be fired without good reason, nor comply with other fund rules in order to access the money.

NS FGTS birthday draw value It depends on the amount of money available in the worker’s account. For this method, a percentage of the resources that can be withdrawn is created. Availability of cash withdrawal is calculated as follows:

  • Accounts with a balance up to R$500.00: 50.0%;
  • Accounts with a balance of R$500.01 to R$1,000.00: 40.0%;
  • Accounts with a balance of R$1,000.01 to R$5,000.00: 30.0%;
  • Accounts with a balance of R$5000.01 to R$10,000:20.0%;
  • Accounts with a balance of R$10,000.01 to R$15,000.00: 15.0%;
  • Accounts with a balance of R$ 15000.01 to R$ 20,000: 10.0%;
  • Accounts with a balance greater than R$ 20.000.01: 5.0%.

Workers who have more than R$1,000.01 in their account, are in turn entitled to an additional amount, according to the withdrawal birthday rules. Beneficiaries have a three-month period to withdraw funds.

It is noteworthy that by joining the withdrawal method – workers birthday lose the right to withdraw Full FGTS In the event of unfair dismissal.

FGTS Birthday Withdrawal Request

Workers can request this type of withdrawal from the FGTS through internet portals, such as Fund website or from the FGTS app. Just create your login/password and ask for a check out birthday option.

The transfer of this benefit will be carried out in the month of the beneficiary’s birthday by Caixa Econômica Federal. If the worker wants to override the method, this can also be done in the application.

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