February 1, 2023

A new fuel capable of fueling everything from cars to ships and planes, petroleum-free gasoline is a global promise for large-scale production.

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The first mass-produced environmentally friendly gasoline has a mild alcohol odor and is transparent in colour, according to the new fuel’s producers.

Located in the very south of Chile, in the Magallanes region, the Ecofuels plant was inaugurated on Tuesday, 20, Being responsible for the new Sustainable Gasoline, the new “clean” fuel, free from petroleum, according to CNN🇧🇷

In addition to the production of new, sustainable, petroleum-free gasoline, due to the location of the gas station, the wind also favors the generation of clean electricity, which is the beginning of the production of new fuels, in addition to water.

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The new, petroleum-free gasoline can fuel cars, ships, and planes, and is even able to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The new fuel project is called “Haru Oni,” which means “strong wind” in the language of the indigenous people of the area.

Free petrol

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The cleanest gasoline in the world

According to Andre Clark, Siemens Energy’s Senior Vice President for Latin America: “It is one of the cleanest petrol engines in the world to run. It is a major innovation to be made now, not in the future.”

Also according to Andre, several companies were responsible for the petroleum-free fuel project, such as Siemens Energy, the Chilean startup Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF) and others.

For officials in Chile, it is very important that the countries have public policies that focus on a sustainable future with zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

How is fuel made?

Petroleum-free gasoline is produced using electrolysis, which consists of splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. After this process, the next step is to convert the aggregate into carbon dioxide and then produce synthetic methanol.

This process converts all of these ingredients into petroleum-free gasoline. which emit 90% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and require no mechanical modifications for vehicles to use.

The first car to use petroleum-free petrol was the Mobil 1 Supercup, from the Porsche automaker. The car was able to run normally, as well as on conventional fuel.