September 25, 2022
A queen leaves exotic animal species to her son;  see details

A queen leaves exotic animal species to her son; see details

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What’s behind all the inheritance you’re earningKing Charlie III will have to deal with 32,000 swans and an unknown number of dolphins, whales and sturgeons.

For more than eight centuries, species like this one that roam free in UK waters have been considered the property of the king.

These goods will pass to the king in full without having to pay any kind of tax.

Distribution of goods and family

At the moment, the greatest attention is focused on the private assets of Elizabeth, those that she was able to freely distribute to her descendants, because in English law the will is described as a great freedom, having no legitimate or coercive heirs.

Among the properties are two lands and residences closely associated with the Crown, such as Balmoral Castle, the summer residence and place of her death of Elizabeth II, and Sandringham, where she used to spend Christmas.

Also included will be a Sunday Times estimate of £370 million, an impressive collection of jewelry and a less dazzling but equally valuable stamp collection. What will happen to these assets is unknown and likely will not be known for another 100 years.


Considered one of the richest people in the world, a special wealth of Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday (8)estimated to be worth £370 million (about €426 million), according to the Sunday Times 2022 list, as the Queen was not required to disclose her personal finances.

The total, if all assets related to the crown, not directly to him, but to the foundation, to this value, can exceed 14 billion (a little more than 16 billion euros).

To better understand how this wealth is distributed, it is necessary to get acquainted with what is institutional and what belongs to the property and personal rights of the queen – which will be part of her inheritance, and to which she will return.

Esade Law School Professor of Civil Law, Sergio Liberia Samper, explains that Elizabeth’s will cannot go against what will be lawfully transferred to the crown.

His eldest son, who will now be the new monarch, Charles III, will inherit Crown Estate, an independently managed, crown-owned real estate company from which it will receive 15% of the profits. This includes properties such as farms, shopping street, forests and coastlines. In addition, the Duchy of Lancaster would also be transferred to the new king.

According to O Globo portal, in addition to the property, Charles will inherit a stipend when he takes office, which will cover travel costs, security, staff and maintenance of the royal palaces. The Queen received £85.9 million from the Sovereign Grant in 2021 (€99.10 million).

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