March 31, 2023
Council formally declares Charles III the new King of the United Kingdom |  Globalism

Council formally declares Charles III the new King of the United Kingdom | Globalism

This Saturday (10), King Charles III He was officially declared king at a ceremony in London Known as the accession board.

“I promise to devote the rest of my life to this heavy task that falls upon me,” the new king announced during the ceremony.

a United kingdomHowever, he hasn’t been without a state leader since The death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday (8). This is because of the law Rex never dies (“The King Never Dies” in Latin) mandates that the first member of the royal line of succession take the throne as soon as the last king dies, so Charles III becomes king the moment his mother dies.

During the ceremony, a day . was also announced Queen Elizabeth II It will be a public holiday across the UK, But the exact date has not yet been determined.

Charles III is officially declared king

Charles declared at the ceremony, which was televised for the first time: “My mother has been a leading example of lifelong love and dedicated service. My mother’s reign was unparalleled in its length, dedication, and devotion.”

“I will try to follow the inspiring example you gave me of preserving constitutional government and preserving peace”

The Privy Council is made up of more than 700 people, including King Charles III, the Prime Minister, Les TrussCabinet members, ministers, judges, Commonwealth dignitaries and the Leader of the Opposition. In addition to advising the king, the group has various administrative, executive and judicial functions.

The Accession Council Ceremony is a meeting of members of the Privy Council. The party was held at the State of St. James in London and was divided into two parts.

At first, without the king present, the lord chief of the group announced the death of the king (Queen Elizabeth II) and declared the new king. Then the council secretary read the declaration of accession, which was signed by the king’s supporters.

The ceremony was attended by former British Prime Ministers. – Photo: Kirsty O’Connor/Pool Photo via AP

Also at this point, the group formally agreed to several subordination orders and the chief lord explained how the news of the announcement would be made public. The council then ordered that guns be fired at Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

The second part of the accession council attended the King. In it, the king made a personal statement about his predecessor’s death, approved orders in council to facilitate continuity of government, and read and signed an oath for the preservation of the Church of Scotland.

The latter is necessary because there is a division of powers between church and state in Scotland. Usually, months later, at the formal opening of Parliament, another oath is taken, the declaration of accession, the purpose of which is to maintain the Protestant succession to the throne.

King Charles is shot in the Tower of London. Photo: Reuters/Sarah Messonnier

Read the main gospel

The chief proclamation of the new dominion was read to the public from the balcony of the abbey court in the Palace of St. mosques. The document was read by the Chief of the Kings of the Order of the Rabat, a military order of British equestrianism.

Trumpets played a bang from the balcony and unleashed a hail of fire on the Tower of London, a castle on the banks of the River Thames, and Hyde Park, a park in the center of the British capital.