September 26, 2022
Queen Elizabeth II: The United Kingdom celebrates the Day of Honor - 09/09/2022 - the world

Queen Elizabeth II: The United Kingdom celebrates the Day of Honor – 09/09/2022 – the world

On Friday (9), more than 2,000 people attended the religious service in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II, died the day before, at the age of 96. St. Cathedral Paul, in central London, was crowded, but the atmosphere seemed to reflect a nation still trying to come to terms with the loss of its mother.

The party started at 18:10 (14:10 in Brasilia), but seven hours before there were already groups forming lines to try to distribute some tickets to the audience. In the cathedral there were authorities like Newly elected Prime Minister Liz truss and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Before the service actually began, attendees – and the entire nation – stopped to watch the first speech from King Charles III. He emphasized in the letter his mother’s inheritance, He sought to emphasize the importance of the heirs themselvesPrinces William and Harry, promising to serve the United Kingdom with “loyalty, respect and love”, renewing Elizabeth’s commitments.

The last blessing, given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, came about an hour after the ceremony. “God gives grace to the living, and rest to the departed.” Then the church sang the new British anthem, now dedicated to the reign of Charles III – “God Save the King” replaces “God Save the Queen” and all female pronouns have been replaced by their male counterparts.

“Most of us have not known life without the Queen,” said the Anglican Bishop of London, Reverend Sarah Mulally. The statement, in addition to being symbolic, is statistically correct. According to the British BBC, based on data from the United Nations, 94% of the world’s population was born After the coronation of Elizabeth II, Queen.

“When I ascended the throne, The world and the country were two very different places. For seven decades, Her Majesty has remained remarkably constant in the lives of millions: a symbol of unity, strength, patience and resilience.”

Earlier, another crowd followed him Charles III’s arrival at the palace Buckingham. The balustrades of the British royal residence were filled with roses laid out in honor of the new king’s mother, as well as letters and messages of mourning and solidarity.

He said: “We have come to give our support to the royal family because they are important to us. The Queen has taught us so much with her behavior and morals. We love her.” binding Lady Marion Patrick, who joined thousands of people outside the palace.

The whole day was marked by many honors. Bells rang out in many churches across the country, and a barrage of 96 cannonballs, one every ten seconds for every year of Elizabeth II’s life, was fired in places such as Hyde Park in London, Cardiff Castles in Wales, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

In Parliament, the turbulent agenda of successive political crises in recent months has given way to a series of encouraging speeches, such as those of Truss, the new head of government, and her predecessors. Boris Johnson and Theresa May.

Boris said he couldn’t hold back his tears when the BBC asked him to speak about the Queen in a pre-recorded obituary. “I couldn’t move on. I’m not someone who cries easily, but my heart is so sad that I had to ask the team to go,” he said. He praised the “indomitable spirit” of “Elizabeth the Great”.

And in his last meeting with the head of the monarchy, in which he submitted his resignation, the politician also said that she was “brilliant, well-versed in politics and fascinated by it as usual.” The Queen has described the Queen as “simply the most famous person I have ever met” and stated that her audience with the Head of State “was not meetings with a great and powerful sovereign, but conversations with an experienced and wise woman”.

The new prime minister paid tribute to the king, highlighting his “sense of duty, even in the midst of mourning,” and the new era of the monarchy.

The United Kingdom is still the scene of a series of rituals marking the Queen’s farewell and succession to the British throne. Charles III will be proclaimed king on Saturday (10), and the coffin carrying Elizabeth’s body is still unscheduled, must leave Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, and pass through Edinburgh before reaching England.

The ceremony, during which the public will be able to pay more respect to the Queen, is expected to take place in Westminster Hall. Long queues are expected, which will require a security plan similar to the one adopted by the country at the 2012 London Olympics, according to the British press.

The funeral will be, with all solemn honors, at the traditional Westminster Abbey. The body will then be carried in a procession through central London to Windsor Castle, where Elizabeth II will finally be interred along with other names of the British royal family.

Charles – who is already king already – may still have to wait until next year to be crowned. His mother did not wear the greatest symbol of the British monarchy until 14 months after her accession to the throne from George VI.