September 25, 2022
Charles III: A crowd greets the King in tears in Buckingham - 09/09/2022 - World

Charles III: A crowd greets the King in tears in Buckingham – 09/09/2022 – World

in your First public appearance as a kingCharles III exchanged words and shook hands with several subjects in front of Buckingham Palace, where Thousands of people gathered Since Friday morning (9). The 73-year-old king arrived in London from Balmoral Castle, Scotlandaround 2 p.m. (8 a.m. in Brasilia) and with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles, I looked closely at the flowers placed on the balustrade In honor of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. Then he entered the palace.

Scots Nadia Ropa Alam was one of the people who greeted the king personally. She arrived just before Charles and found herself in the right place at the right time. One of the security guards advised her not to take selfies, but to shake hands with the new king. Greetings, she told Charles she was sorry for his loss and thanked him for the kind words. “His hand is soft and warm. There was sadness on his face but also kindness.”

The sun invited many Londoners and foreigners to salute to the queen, died Thursday (8) in Balmoral at the age of 96. Shortly before the arrival CharlesSomeone heard 96 shots, one for every year the queen livesof cannons in parks around Buckingham.

Although the face of the majority wasn’t necessarily closed, the expression changed when people were. Invited to talk about Elizabeth’s death. Wearing a hat, jacket, umbrella and black ribbon on his left arm to mark his mourning, Tony Dodswill was touched to say he was sad.

“I can hardly describe it in words. The Queen has been a part of my life. She is everywhere. In my pocket, in banknotes and coins. She is in the letters I write, because her face is on stamps. And now my queen is gone,” he recalls meeting the Queen’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900-2002), at a scouting event in 1989. I was 18 years old and I got an award from her. I was so proud! But the queen is me I have never met in person“, He said.

One A column of about a kilometer formed around the palace For people who want to get close to the bars and put flowers. London couple James and Barbara, who preferred not to give their family name, were nearby. They also attended the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June this year, celebrating 70 years of rule, and other royal events there.

James said it was a cannonball this afternoon that made him sink—and he was well informed. When he learned that he was talking to a Brazilian journalist, he said he had read that a file Brazil declared three days of mourning for the Queen. Barbara talked about it Admiring the King and when binding show the Christ the Redeemer lit up in the colors of the British flag, did not back down. “Your country respects our queen. It’s beautiful,” he said, tears streaming down his voice, his voice breaking.

Like many Londoners, Luis Carlos Chagas, an employee in the cultural section of the Brazilian Embassy in London, used lunchtime to pay his respects. “My Brazilian side doesn’t suffer much, but for the British side, it meant a lot to me,” said Chagas, who has lived in the city for 25 years. “It was Elizabeth A model for many people, under different sides. “We’ve been living in London for a long time, absorbing part of that culture,” said, who was also at the Queen’s mother’s death ceremony in 2002.

On Thursday afternoon, after Elizabeth II’s death was confirmed, the cemetery placed a small notice, a sheet of plain paper framed by glass, on the balustrade by the main Buckingham Gate. “The Queen died peacefully this afternoon at Balmoral,” the letter read. The King and Queen will stay at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow.

On Friday, there was a barrier around it, but, on Thursday, the sign became the hottest selfie spot in town. “It was kind of dangerous,” said Tatiana Rocha, who has lived in London for seven years with her husband. “Everyone was pushing to try to get to the ad.” “I cried a lot when I heard the news. The impression it leaves is as if someone in my family is leaving. There is no one who doesn’t like the Queen.” Tribute to Queen Elizabeth…it was there, right? God told her.

“I have never missed a message from the Queen for Christmas. In 2019, she marked me so much. I was hospitalized for six days on the NHS. [sistema britânico de saúde]we were at the beginning [pandemia de] COVID-19. And how she gave strength to us, to all her kingdom, to all her subjects, to all who needed her at that moment! This Christmas announcement will remain in my heart. Today my heart is broken, broken, broken. I don’t like Charles, but what do I do? May the Lord protect the king.”