June 14, 2024

A Syrian buried in the earthquake “comes back to life” in the aftermath – International

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A Syrian buried in the earthquake “comes back to life” in the aftermath – International

A man declared dead after being found under the rubble of the earthquake that struck Syria “comes back to life” at his funeral. Rescue teams found Ahmed al-Maghrabi and he was pulled from a collapsed building in the Syrian city of Atarib.

During the service, he showed no vital signs and was declared dead by the specialists. Doctors and paramedics put his body in the refrigerator for two days while they waited for family members to arrive to identify him.

According to the British Daily Star, once his relatives confirmed that he was Ahmed, he was placed in a body bag and taken to a cemetery for funeral processions. However, surprisingly, as soon as the corpse reached the cemetery, it began to move. When funeral home workers opened the coffin, the man was found alive and apparently in good health.

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The surprise shocked the victim’s family and friends, and Ahmed was taken to the hospital, where he is still in the hospital.

Local newspapers reported that the suspicion that the episode may have been a rare case of a person’s heart starting to beat again after cardiac arrest caused by shock.

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The 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck on the morning of February 6, causing death and destruction in Turkey and northern Syria.

The earthquake is considered one of the worst natural disasters in both countries, killing more than 47,000 people and injuring more than 100,000. According to Al-Jazeera, Syria records 5,939 deaths. While in Turkey, the death toll is 41,156.

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Soon after, another 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck the same area, causing further damage.

About 50,000 people died after two earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.6 hit Turkey and Syria on February 6.

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