March 1, 2024

About 95% of Ukrainians believe that Russia will emerge from the war defeated

Posted on 02/23/2023 06:00

(Credit: Security Service of Ukraine/AFP)

A survey conducted by the Ukrainian Institute classification group showed that the population’s confidence in the country’s victory over the Russian invaders remains high, one year into the conflict. According to the poll, about 95% of respondents believe that Vladimir Putin’s forces will be defeated. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has an approval rating of 90% – in January 2022, a month before the war began, it was 36%.

While 17% of the population declares that they will soon be lost in the war, more than half (58%) consider it “impossible” to restore friendly relations with the Russians and Belarusians, whose countries are an ally of Moscow. For 22%, such a recovery is possible “in 20 or 30 years,” and for 11%, “in 10 or 15 years.”

Two-thirds of Ukrainians have experienced a worsening of their economic situation, and 36% say they have lost their jobs. The percentage of the population living away from relatives due to war has decreased from 41% in March 2022 to 21%.

The pro-Western aspirations of Ukrainians were also revealed. The vast majority of respondents (87%) want to join the European Union. Eighty-six percent want to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The interviews were conducted earlier this month with a “representative sample” of more than 1,600 people living in different regions of the country – with the exception of the Russian-occupied territories of Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

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