June 18, 2024

A video shows bandits invading Ciara and Mirella’s home, and the comedian watches over the details: “They could be known people”; He watches

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A video shows bandits invading Ciara and Mirella’s home, and the comedian watches over the details: “They could be known people”;  He watches

On Monday (10), Mirela Santos vented about an invasion that took place in her home during the holidays. According to the influencer, in addition to valuables, thieves also stole items of sentimental value and the police were called. Later, Ciara shared the security camera footage and the moment the criminals entered the scene. The comedian noticed a series of details and suggested that those responsible might be “Known people.”

“I’ll come back here to show you the footage that the police shot from the camera into the house. I’ll show you the video of the moment the bandits entered our garage and opened the gate. I’ll also show you when they took the safe and left. Some of the pictures I can’t publish, when you show the details of the robbers and the car, because I was well guided by DEIC (Foreign Department of Criminal Investigation)“, Ceara explained.

The record shows the moment the gate to the house was opened, apparently with a remote control, and the “calm” reaction of the dogs to the bandits. According to the artist, this may be an indication that the animals have already been in contact with the men shown in the pictures. “The dogs wagging their tails here could be familiar people. The thief here in the hood took the safe, the two of them managed to get the safe and the dogs are over there, alright.”I noticed.

In the video posted by Wellington Muniz, two criminals carrying the couple’s safe leave. At another point, a third appears next to the car while talking on the phone and trying to hide from the cameras.

“There is also the moment they get out of the car, you will notice that someone is talking on the mobile phone, getting some information. I have more videos that I can’t post here”Follow the comedian. In the background of the video, a police officer states that the person on the other end of the line must be an informant: “He’s talking on the phone, it’s information from someone who’s definitely there.”. He watches:

The artist also asked her followers to share photos and help her if they had any news about the criminals. Help us show these people, that they are arresting these people and that the law helps that these people not be released. Because there is no point in retrieving the goods, stopping them, then releasing them, and they go back to acting in the same way.”He said.

Yesterday, Mirela Santos claimed she had the “worst Friday” of her life. According to her, the criminals entered the house while the family was traveling to a farm hotel in the interior of São Paulo. Completely shaken, the ballerina reports that the property is under surveillance, but no one notices the intrusion. Mirella and Ciara show the results of the thieves’ work, but thank them for their safety. Click here to view and find out the details.

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