May 28, 2023

Mirela Santos and Ciara’s home burglary: “People could have been known” | capital Cities

On Monday night (10/4), Ciara shared some pictures from his security cameras that show the criminals in action.

After watching the videos from the security cameras that recorded the moment the criminals broke into his home, Wellington Ciara shared the images on social networks on Monday night (10/4) and revealed that the police suspect the crime was committed by someone who knew the property.

You can see in the video the moment the garage door opens as if it was opened with a remote control, and then the two dogs in the house go to the car and watch the perpetrators leave the car.

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Ciara with his wife, Mirella, and daughter, Valentina
Ciara shows a video of the moment the criminals invaded his home

Ciara and Mirella are Valentina’s parents
He is married to Mirela Santos

She and her husband, Ciara, traveled to Dubai in June
Ciara and Mirela Santos

Ciara and Mirela Santos
Ciara and Mirela Santos

According to Sierra, because of the dogs’ reaction to criminals, the police suspected that someone close to them was in the house.

“The dogs wagging their tails here could be familiar people. The thief here in the hood takes the safe, the two manage to get the safe and the dogs are in there just fine,” reveals Ceará.

Everything indicates that the police and the family already know who the criminals are or suspect someone.