September 30, 2023
A woman gives birth at the Metallica party in Curitiba

A woman gives birth at the Metallica party in Curitiba

A woman has given birth to a baby during Metallica’s concert at Coto Pereira Stadium in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná. Tattoo artist Joice Figueiró recounted the surprise on her social media.

39 weeks pregnant, she showed off her arrival at the venue last night, and joked with “daring”: “Who said I wouldn’t come?” I wondered on Instagram stories. But the videos for the shows were interrupted by the news of the birth of Luan, the tattoo artist’s youngest son, amid the songs.

“When do I imagine I’ll be on Metallica Show, 39 weeks pregnant and this boy decided to be born there, 3 songs before the show ends, in Couto Pereira, on Enter Sandman’s voice?” , asked Joyce, sharing a picture of the baby.

After sharing a photo with the team that helped with the delivery, the tattoo artist also gave a report on Luanne’s birth, saying she only started feeling cramps during the main attraction show, after quietly following the opening teams.

“In the opening bands, Ego Kill Talent and Greta Van Flet, I was fine. But when Metallica kicked in, the contractions started, everything really fast. When three songs were left, Jaime called the fire department,” she detailing. Referring to her husband, who accompanied her to the stadium.

“Halfway to the clinic, the water broke. And when the doctor said they were going to take me in an ambulance, there was no time left. He was born there, in Coto Pereira,” he added.

Joyce said she had already bought her ticket to the performance three years ago and that when they saw her stomach “everyone joked that a baby would be born on the show.”

Despite the dismay, the mother told followers she was “physically gorgeous” and thanked the messages of affection.